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Business profile: Wallis Plumbing offer a plumbing and heating service of the highest standard. We aim to give our customers complete satisfaction at a competitive price. All of our engineers are trained to the highest standard and have a wealth of experience to help solve any of your plumbing and heating problems. Plumbing isn’t just about installation and maintenance they could also be involved in gas work, installing heating and cooking systems and in some cases ventilation and cooling systems too.

The key types of plumbing work are:

Issues with water supply: a plumber could be required to repair and maintain anything like a leaking toilet, pipe or tap. They could also be asked to install, replace or relocate items requiring a water supply, for example replacing a bath with a shower unit, moving a toilet to a different position or fitting a new bathroom suite.

Gas work: As mentioned a plumber usually needs additional approval to work with gas and could be called on regularly to work with gas appliances such as boiler installation or repair, safety testing of boilers and heating supply, fixing leaking radiators and installing gas hobs or cookers. For safety reasons annual checks on gas appliances are recommended and sometimes needed by law and this is another task a qualified plumber might carry out.

Mechanical services: Plumbers might also take additional qualifications in order to repair, install and maintain ventilation and cooling systems. This may include working with pipes, flues, air conditioning units and other associated areas.

Emergency work: Problems like water leaks can do significant damage and may need urgent attention. A gas leak obviously poses an immediate safety risk. As such plumbers could be called on to carry out emergency plumbing work to stop a water or gas leak or prevent further damage to a property.
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