Category: Accountants in London
Business profile: Wilshers represents a team of professional men and women from varied commercial backgrounds; variously our staff have worked in bank treasury, financial services providers, big and small firm public accountants, computer software vendors, and specialised property, gem, construction and engineering enterprises across functional disciplines of finance, marketing, stakeholder positions and management.

Common to all these careers is a broad experience of change management, working directly with customers and their performance data; understanding value and analysing and reporting transaction performance as a basis for tax, activity measurement and investment contracts.

As computers can now formulate technical outcomes, we have positioned our time to work with clients on practical solutions to their requirements, maximising each client’s opportunity to profit within the law. Sound judgement, commercial practice, and full disclosure add up to delivering a broad range professional services for bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, company secretarial and financial consulting.
Address: Castle Row, Horticultural Pl, Chiswick, London W4 4JQ
Phone number: 020 8995 5800