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Business profile: With ensuite bathrooms, separate ensuite toilets, USB outlets with every bed, huge common areas, a great location, free wifi, etc. you can actually consider this hostel as a luxury hostel, especially if you consider what the standard for hostels in London looks like nowadays.

Opened in the Victorian age it used to be a Hostel for Sailors, who dropped into London from the nearby docks. The house served as an accommodation for sailors and seamen throughout a century and was known as the Red Ensign Club. Some of the Sailors referred to it as “Alcatraz”, due to its small cabin like, spartan rooms. It was surely a rough area at the times and many wild stories rank around the happenings at Red Ensign Club. What we can tell today is that it was home to author Joseph Conrad and a Scotsman called father Mac got famous for literally kicking out people for inappropriate behavior. wombat’s CITY HOSTELS is now bringing the building back to its original purpose.

Wombats Hostel

Address: 7 Dock Street, Whitechapel, London E1 8LL

Phone number: 020 7680 7600
Price Range: ££