LONDON, August 9, 2016

Initial figures from Integer’s independently verified Top 100 Global Wire & Cable Producers Database 2016 rankings, due to be released September 2016, have revealed a significant 15% decrease in total US$ revenues across just the Top 10 insulated wire producers combined.

It has been a tough environment globally in 2015, with leading emerging economies showing slower growth rates. Whilst the European and North American markets have benefitted from lower oil prices in some respects, this has not fed through to greater fixed investment and cable demand.

In contrast to the total drop, leading cable makers, Prysmian and Nexans, appear to have consolidated their positions in the last 12 months. Though the final figures are still being checked as to which of them will make it to the top spot in 2016, in terms of their sales and operations, Prysmian and Nexans have become truly global companies, with operations in North and South America, Europe, Africa and across all parts of Asia. Both companies have seen numerous challenges in some of their key markets, but initial results from Integer’s 2016 rankings do indicate signs of growth in their global operations and reach.

New Chinese producers bow out of the Top 100 as fortunes turn

In previous years, Integer’s rankings witnessed the impressive flexing of Chinese industrial might as over 30 cable makers pushed their way into the Top 100. Early analysis of the results in so far has seen many of these new Chinese entrants crash out of the Top 100, while several mostly European companies managed to have slowed their decline and are appearing to hold their own against other regions by focusing on niche markets.

Middle East producers are also keeping a steady pace as Coficab grew it’s Automotive cable revenues outside of the Middle East and Elsewedey doing increasingly well in the construction sector. Elsewhere, Indian producers have yet to take off despite their growing potential and maturing markets.

The Top 100 makes up 50% of the market

The latest Top 100 Wire & Cable Producers Database 2016 is published in excel format and contains a wealth of data over a six year period (2010-2015). It is an ideal tool for understanding the highly competitive wire and cable market, allowing you to compare company performance over time, including divisional revenues, sales by product type and country splits.