LONDON, October 20, 2016

Global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor, Yellowfin, has been identified as a ‘Leader’ in Nucleus Research’s 2016 Technology Value Matrix for Business Intelligence and Analytics study. Yellowfin was positioned as a Leader for the fourth consecutive iteration of the study.

The report evaluated the world’s foremost BI vendors regarding their usability and functionality — the two factors that Nucleus Research has found indicate an applications’ ability to deliver initial Return on Investment (ROI) and maximum value over time.

Report author and Senior Analyst for BI and analytics at Nucleus Research, Anne Moxie, noted Yellowfin’s flexible deployment options — on-premise or hosted in the cloud — and single-integrated architecture as beneficial for IT maintenance.

“The solution also provides business user friendly visualization and analysis tools that can drive easier adoption,” wrote Moxie. “Yellowfin offers collaboration tools to allow for different members of the organization to input their specific knowledge on projects.”

Additionally, the report cited Yellowfin’s support for multilayered map-based analysis, as well as new predictive analytics capabilities and range of API connectors for third-party Web-based applications — such as Twitter, as points of competitive differentiation.

Yellowfin Co-Founder and CEO, Glen Rabie, said that Yellowfin’s ability to consistently maintain its position in the Leaders’ quadrant of Nucleus Researcher’s Value Matrix for BI and Analytics was reflective of its commitment towards continuous product innovation.

“Yellowfin is always developing new ways to help as many people as possible connect to, understand and act on the data that’s important to them,” said Rabie. “For example, business users and data analysts can effectively collaborate, alongside their data, to produce better business insights with Yellowfin’s unique Business Analytics Workflow. What’s more, Yellowfin’s suite of API connectors empowers users to instantly visualize data from third-party applications with best practice pre-built dashboards. Yellowfin is all about connecting people and their data.”

Within its Value Matrix reports, Nucleus Research projects trends for each vendor. Nucleus Research predicted Yellowfin would move further into the Leader quadrant — up, and to the right — in the next version of the report.

The Nucleus Research Value Matrix is split into four quadrants: Leaders, Experts, Facilitators and Core Providers. Yellowfin was placed in the Leaders quadrant, with Nucleus Research stating that “Vendors in the Leaders quadrant have invested in both functionality and usability features that are likely to deliver the greatest potential returns.”