LONDON, October 27, 2016

Yellowfin CEO and Co-Founder, Glen Rabie, said that introducing data preparation capabilities into Yellowfin’s BI platform would empower clients to integrate and act on more data sources in less time. Yellowfin’s new Data Preparation Module will be launched alongside the release of the vendor’s new BI platform, Yellowfin 7.3.

“Introducing data preparation and profiling capabilities into Yellowfin’s BI platform will enable clients to improve data governance, build better reports, and produce deeper insights faster,” said Rabie. “Not only will Yellowfin’s clients be able to integrate and act on data from more data sources in less time, they’ll be able to do it within one integrated platform.

“Importantly, by pulling the data preparation process into the metadata layer of the BI platform, any changes made will be uniformly reflected across all content based on that metadata layer throughout the enterprise — from reports and charts, to dashboards and Storyboards. Going from data preparation to decision-making all in one solution allows you to maintain data lineage, visibility and control. This oversight means you can set your data free, with 7.3.”

Yellowfin Global Marketing Director, Daniel Shaw-Dennis, said that introducing data preparation capabilities to Yellowfin’s BI platform would help reduce the cost and complexity associated with solving one of BI’s most common challenges.

“Data quality and integration issues stop BI projects from being effective,” said Shaw-Dennis. “Yellowfin’s data preparation features will assist clients to efficiently solve one of the most common obstacles faced along the road to BI success.

“Organizations can quickly prepare data without having to purchase a separate tool, while ensuring trust in their data with best practice metadata modeling. Better still, Yellowfin’s guided data preparation processes will allow data analysts to effortlessly prepare data for reporting and analysis, without waiting for IT.”