LONDON, November 3, 2016

Global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor, Yellowfin, is set to unveil a number of new advanced data visualization capabilities during the launch of its latest BI platform, Yellowfin 7.3. The new charting features will be revealed in a series of launch Webinars throughout Thursday 17 November.

“Yellowfin 7.3 will deliver advanced data visualization features that give users the flexibility required to answer complex business questions faster,” said Yellowfin CEO and Co-Founder, Glen Rabie. “One of the highlights includes the introduction of Set Analysis, which will empower users to create comparative visualizations in a few simple steps.”

Rabie said that there was already significant market demand for Yellowfin’s Set Analysis functionality, which will enable users to quickly define and compare a subset of data values within a selected data set.

“The ability to quickly build sophisticated charts to conduct comparative analysis, without needing deep technical skills or performing complex calculations, is increasingly important,” said Rabie. “In fact, we’ve already won a significant swap-out deal, between Yellowfin and a leading data visualization vendor, as a result of the Set Analysis function being introduced in Yellowfin 7.3.”

Yellowfin Global Marketing Director, Daniel Shaw-Dennis, said that organizations would experience immediate and significant value from Yellowfin’s Set Analysis functionality.

“Comparative analysis must be easy to perform,” said Shaw-Dennis. “Comparative business questions are some of the most common and critical kinds of queries that organizations ask of their data.

“Attend the series of launch Webinars to see how Yellowfin’s new range of advanced charting features will help users set their data free with Yellowfin 7.3.”