Yieldify Launches Predict and Convert Business Insights Product

LONDON, August 16, 2016

Yieldify – the conversion optimisation innovators – today announced the launch of Predict and Convert, its new business insights product. Using data from over 25,000 Yieldify campaigns and 4.5 billion+ user interactions, it ensures that Yieldify customers achieve the best possible return from their onsite remarketing activity.

Predict and Convert combines data from two sources – the customer’s own website and Yieldify’s unique database of thousands of campaigns – to identify an opportunity for an onsite remarketing campaign, accurately predict its outcome and then optimise its performance. This ensures that every opportunity for more conversions is efficiently identified and leveraged for maximum return.

The insights delivered through Predict and Convert include detailed funnel reports and industry benchmarking, showing where visitor progression can be improved by a campaign. With the opportunity identified, Yieldify uses data from over 25,000 campaigns to predict the uplift the proposed campaign will deliver before any time or resource is invested. Once the campaign is in progress, A/B testing and detailed reach reporting help ensure that targeting, triggering and content is fully optimised.

Richard Sharp, Chief Technology Officer at Yieldify, said: “What you can do with onsite remarketing campaigns is increasingly sophisticated – but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. Predict and Convert uses data we’ve gathered through generating billions of user interactions to make it easy to locate your target and hit it first time, zeroing in on where your campaigns will have the most impact and showing you what approach to take.”

Predict and Convert requires no further technical integration than the simple JavaScript tag used to deliver all of Yieldify’s product portfolio. Yieldify’s other products include Visit and Convert (onsite remarketing) and Return and Convert (email remarketing), both delivered to clients through a fully-managed service.

About Yieldify

Yieldify creates smart and simple marketing technology products that predict customer behaviour to optimize customer experience with brand revenue. Trusted by over 500 brands on more than 1,000 websites globally and with backing from both GV (formally known as Google Ventures) and Softbank Capital, Yieldify helps some of the world’s innovative companies drive incremental revenue, including Marks and Spencer, French Connection, Steiner Sports, Omni Hotels and Anthropologie.